Arise Warrior Women

The Warrior Goddess archetype is emerging strong and for good reason. We are starting a new Venus Cycle in the Aries archetype of the Warrior Woman. Learn more with Cayelin Castell, co-founder and a lead teacher and facilitator of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School. She is a leading expert in the field of Shamanic Astrology and celestial timings. She is also the co-founder of Venus Alchemy co-creating with Tami Brunk a profound experience of the powerful Venus Journey, honoring, celebrating and working ceremonially with the Venus cycle as it relates to the story of Inanna. This was the result of more than 20 years of working with the Venus Cycle personally and with clients. Check out this amazing YouTube overview on Venus in Aries: Arise Warrior Women.

The Fierce Feminine is about protecting. She calls to awareness the systems of inequity that keep us enslaved, saying "no" to what doesn't work, and "yes" to what does work. When she has a cause or a purpose she is 100% all in and committed. She is all about taking action and is fiery and fierce. A lot of women are stepping out onto the world stage and into their power to restore the cosmic balance. When the Warrior Goddess archetype is healthy her concern is for the greatest good of all people. She is a Divine Feminine Leader who works with others to create the greatest good for the most people over the longest run.


Sandra Kolka
July 17, 2017 @11:40 am
Truly enjoyed this introduction to Warrior Women, ladies. The history part is very much my lifelong interest, as for many women I expect. The astrological guidance is new to me. I will check out the Netflix film as well. Grazie Mille. Hey Cayelin!

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