Planet We Ride

by Thea

Released 1989/2002
StarPony Productions
Released 1989/2002
StarPony Productions
A testament to the power and beauty of the mystery and majesty of life.
For an insightful trip through gorgeous harmonies, inspired lyrics and clear melodic inventions just sit back and turn up the volume. Originally recorded in San Francisco in 1989 and re-released with a bonus track in 2002, the songs use melody and electronic percussion and keyboards to get the message across. Sometimes driven by quests of love (Bright Sea Bright), and sometimes pushed by the emptiness of life's despair (Travelin') underneath it all is a deep sense of optimism and trust in a higher power.

On "Raven Sister” (Mi Amiga) Thea blends sweet harmonies featuring Pamala Ballingham (Earth Mother Lullabies) with acoustic guitars, synth strings and lyrical Spanish. The result is engaging and tracks like "I've Seen a Light" lay Thea's airy vocals across heavenly music until electric guitars crash into the mix bringing it back down to earth.

Planet We Ride was recorded at Montage Studios, Newark, CA and The Sound Factory, Tucson, AZ. Produced, arranged, engineered and mixed by Will Mullins with Jerry Merrill at Montage Studios. Featuring: Will Mullins on keyboards, lead guitar, synthesizer and sequencing; Jerry Merrill on keyboards and synthesizers; Tom Young on electric guitar, James Fredrickson on saxophone; Pamala Ballingham, Mitch Ballard, Jean Chastain, Brian McClane, Will Mullins, and Billy J. Walsh on background vocals. Bonus track, "Wait by the River," © 1998 Anne Hills, Raven Heart Music. Produced, arranged, engineered and mixed by Bill Cashman at the Cavern Recording Studios, Tucson, AZ with additional recording at Spirit Sound, Waynesville, NC, engineered by Victor Hamilton. Mastered by Barry Bernard at the Cavern. Cover Art by Steve Daniels
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