Electra: Reclaiming and Restoring the Feminine

There is a story I wish to share with you of Electra, the third brightest star in the Pleiades and one of the Seven Sisters. While this story refers to Electra and her star daughters, it is really about the collective experience of a spiritual community. 

In this story, Electra is the most beautiful among the sisters. She was interested in everything and excited about life. The gods could not resist being pleased with her. Too young for marriage, but with a fire burning deep in her soul, she longed to know all the corners of the universe. 

Wandering through the cosmic sky fearlessly, dreaming with a bold curiosity, she welcomed every experience and impulse with an open heart. It never occurred to her that anyone or anything could overcome light, or cause her harm in any way. She did not yet know herself and the possibility that still lay dormant within her. Electra was sometimes wild and passionate, like a burning lava flow, and other times lost in the magic of the moment she became soft, fragile, and vulnerable. 

Electra was constantly searching for new adventures, believing that she was born for something very special. She knew that there was something unknown and exciting waiting for her to discover. Still too young for marriage she was married off to a Sirian god as was required of her in order to connect the Pleiadian and Sirian worlds through a bridge of light. Not bound by a romantic love, she lived in peace with her husband as friend and a brother. 

Electra’s innocence and her curiosity eventually attracted to her an alien group of men from Lyra who were drawn into the sphere of the star, and into her. They had fallen from the 8th Dimension of consciousness as the defeated ones in the second Galactic War and were exiled. 

Seeking new worlds to colonize these fallen men found the Pleiades, the gate of which was opened wide by Electra’s beauty and unguarded soul desires. Eventually they came to Earth and caused the final destruction of Atlantis. 

Returning to the Pleiades, these charming, attractive, highly intelligent men, who held tremendous secret magical powers, easily walked through the defense ring of Electra, like invited guests. The young and fiery daughters of Electra became easy prey to the untamed manly forces, and falling under their spell they were quickly trapped by the Lyran men. 

So, Electra became an adulterous. Feeling at first that this was what she had been searching for. She happily surrendered herself to the magical attraction of her desires and fell into the pleasure, excitement and discovery of sexual joy. She had unconsciously been pulled into an extremely powerful, irresistible, dark, and dangerous practice of sexual magic for which she was not, and could not have been prepared, turning her into an enchanted puppet of the men’s tyranny. 

The Lyrans had devolved into representing an unbalanced patriarchal order, where they used women merely to satisfy their sexual desires and to bear their children. They stole the Pleiadian priestesses willpower and the treasures of their femininity. These robbers used the psychic and clairvoyant abilities of the daughters of Electra to gain the cosmic information they needed in order to reach the higher realms that had been closed to them. During their sexual union, the men climbed onto the light-bodies of the priestesses as they ascended in their ecstasy, and used them to get back to the higher worlds and to feed on them energetically. To bind this relationship with the women they desired, they put a seal on them. One that would last for generations. It was the worst kind of physical and spiritual slavery. 

Women who have experienced the stellar fate of Electra, or had involvement with Lyran men, have discovered this as the source of their sexual problems during a therapy session when a skilled therapist is able to detect the shadow seal in their auras, and their etheric body. 

Electra was completely robbed and lost everything. And when she started to awaken, her body and soul were in terrible pain. Her efforts to flee resulted in terrible retaliation and cruel punishment. These men would do anything to keep the women in their possession, including destroying them. As the priestesses of Electra realized how much they had actually descended and how much they had lost because they had been attracted by the secret world of the unknown, they began to understand what the light really meant. 

During their awakening the priestesses also came to understand that what they had been searching for was inside of them. They had been searching for themselves, and to discover their unknown, hidden mystical depths, the secret of the Goddess that dwelled within their body. 

Electra, now having lost her innocence and carrying the shame of the adulterous woman who became stigmatized as a whore and a prostitute, went into a voluntary exile. Repeating the original story over and over, the daughters of Electra allowed the possessive desire of the dark souled men, who came in the disguise of light, into themselves again and again. They spent lifetimes as prostitutes on the periphery of society, selling their bodies and their dreams. Others fled into the pledge of virginity within the safe walls of the nunnery, hoping to cleanse their souls. Their paths are often accompanied by repression due to the feeling that the female body’s desire and femininity, which had once so badly deceived her, was her greatest enemy. The only dream left was that maybe someone would come to save them, and take them home, finally. 

In the expanding spiral of the Pleiades, Electra spends 450 years in the Galactic Nights and 2,000 years in the ray of the Photon Belt. At the deepest bottom point, when the lonely, deserted star entered the ray of the Photon Belt again – something happened. The priestess sisters first understood what had actually happened to them. 

And then… in the endless silence of infinite light, came the forgiving embrace of the Mother Goddess. Electra fell down on her knees, and with all the fragile yearning in her disgraced and exploited body and emptied heart, she pleaded to the Mother Goddess for her love. She longed to shine in the name of the Goddess and to create new life, but her desires had deceived her and the darkness had taken the treasures away from her. Now, for the first time, the priestesses embraced all that was locked into their bodies and souls and could finally forgive themselves. And with the acceptance of what was theirs to carry, their responsibility for their part in the fall, and this new found power, the intrusive robbers were banished from their star. 

It has been thousands of years now since the soul-seed of the original stellar daughters of Electra returned home to the Pleiades. But the process of learning and healing continues on Earth. The original souls from Electra sent star-seeds, spiritual masters, and avatars into the Earthly world of experience to transmute all the remaining pain-patterns and to teach that we can overcome temptation and learn to love again. The daughters of Electra have become the emanation of the Goddess, and consecrated priestesses. They founded mystery schools and tantric priestess cave sanctuaries. They taught sacred sexuality and sacred union. 

Mary Magdalene, a pure-hearted priestess, is an example of one the messengers of Electra, who was sent to accompany the initiating Master of the heart of a New Era. Christ and Magdalene embodied the sacred marriage of the God and Goddess, and their unity brought healing and redemption. The clearing of the last memories will take place during the Ascension to Electra, which has become a City of Light. It is our feminine destiny – for these soul particles to return to the light. 

So do not be tempted with the promise of beauty and eternal youth. Do not be in a battle against time. Growing old was forbidden by the magician men who needed their women to remain useful and interesting to them. Staying young does not equate to staying feminine. The constant praise of beauty and youth is a magician’s trick. The wisdom that comes forth with a woman’s advancing years, must be seen and appreciated by the world at large. Otherwise our daughters who suffer with anorexia and bulimia will continue to comply with a false sense of beauty and self-mortification in an attempt to cleanse. This is what may now lay behind us: 

Girls who are married young based on financial decisions made by the parents - may now lay behind us

Girls who do not yet know anything about their body and sexuality and yet are forced into emotional and physical slavery – may now lay behind us

Women who are forced to cover themselves completely when outside their home, so as not to become a means of temptation to tempt men into sin – may now lay behind us. 

The worldwide trafficking and prostitution of girls – may now lay behind us

The genitals of girls being brutally mutilated as an institutional practice so they should not experience sexual arousal and joy, which in this way remains the sole privilege of their husbands – may now lay behind us. 

The “godfathers” of the world who always have beautiful women by their side – may now lay behind us

Women who are dependent on men for their financial security – may now lay behind us

Vows of poverty, and shame and guilt, which block the flow of wealth in a Woman’s life – may now lay behind us

Women who suffer from venereal diseases and sexual dysfunction – may now lay behind us

The experience of tragic incidents of sexual abuse and rape – may now lay behind us

We are the priestesses of the world in service to the cosmic and earthly realm. We now understand that the descent was needed in order to discover something yet unknown or experienced that we longed for with a pure heart. We know that the body in sacred union holds a key to the path that leads home, where the one becomes two and gives birth to a sacred third that births the many – all united in a cosmic love… 

Lyran souls still inhabit the planet and still look for others to exploit in a timeless archetypal playing out of the uninitiated feminine and predator masculine. The guardians of Electra are our protectors, initiators and healers. They guide our daughters when they first discover their sexuality and gain their first experience in the field of intimate relationships, so as not to give themselves too quickly and freely. Our daughters will not reveal the chalice of her body until she gets to know herself, what she is worth and what she deserves, what she can expect from her future mate and what she can offer, and they in return. We invoke Electra’s priestesses to accompany our daughters and protect them from unworthy relationships. 

There will be situations where we witness the misuse of magical powers, or an abusive relationship. We would like to object, to interfere and open the eyes of our sister, or a daughter, who is under the influence, but she rejects us and breaks the relationship with us instead. Things get worse. She falls into a hypnotized dream, the fog of magic descends and she can only see and believe whatever her new partner says to be true. She slips out of our hands as we watch helplessly. These are the moments when we cannot interfere because we cannot succeed – not yet. This is when we invoke Electra’s priestesses to send their strength, and we send the pure love and light of our heart to our struggling sister. All will be protected in the divine acceptance of what is. The Goddess allows all things. 

When our sister begins to awaken, and recognizes her pain and loss, then she will remember the truth that had been spoken to her by her sisters and have a safe place to land. We never give up on our sisters, or our daughters, as they overcome all the manipulation, extortion, aggression and intimidation to become a self again – herself. Together, We are Reclaiming and Restoring the Feminine

Written by Thea Summer Deer, paraphrased and edited from the text, Stellar Destinies, Vol. 1 by Dr. Beatrix Czeizel, and Anikó Greskó, The Galactic History of the Pleiades as Revealed by the Cosmic Akashic Records, https://stellarnations.com/

"Goddess Mother" illustration by Brian Starr for Thea


Maltese Spiral ~ The Oldest Religious Symbol in the World?

Goddess on the Loose Presents:

Priestess Initiation Journey: Reclaiming and Restoring the Feminine

Malta and Gozo ~ Autumn Equinox 2020

The Divine Feminine left her imprint on the ancient islands of Malta and Gozo many thousands of years ago. It is a World Heritage site. The ruins of more than 50 temples are left for us to ponder and better yet, to honor with ceremonial imprints of our own. 

If you are a mature woman who has been walking a spiritual path, who longs for a deepening journey into the Feminine Mysteries, and a desire to reconcile the opposites within yourself so as to positively affect others, please join us on Malta and Gozo for the Autumnal Equinox of 2020. You may go to Anyaa's published article Reclaiming Initiation: The Priestess Path and see what women have to say about her priestess work. If you are one of the hundreds of women who have experienced the Shamanic Priestess Process, or have walked another lineage as a priestess, you are welcome to deepen with your priestess self in a new way. 

The ceremonies we will co-create include: rites of passage, sacred journeying, storytelling and music, sacred marriage, conscious death and rebirth. We will walk the wheel of the year and activate our shamanic astrology charts, do shadow work, and emerge as self-proclaimed priestesses with optional ordainment. See Anyaa's website page for an overview, keeping in mind that we will be evolving these initiations to a new frequency. 

Anyaa will also be offering a daily download and meditation on the Nine Dimensions of Consciousness as she taught them in the Shamanic Magdalene Mysteries Circles. Many higher dimensional beings are gathering at this time to assist us and we have the opportunity to connect with them and our own multi-dimensional selves. 

Thea will be offering music, sound healing, and sing-a-longs so we can raise our voices together in praise, celebration and healing.

The Invocation of Electra:

Electra, the third brightest star in the Pleiades, and one of the Seven Sisters will inform our journey as we invoke her story. Electra and her priestesses have a long history of moving from innocence, through betrayal and enslavement, to sovereignty. Malta is said to the be the first place they came to experience being human. It is the place where we can heal the soul fragments of the feminine that longs to shine in the name of the Goddess. 

When we heard this story, we felt a clear resonance with what the feminine in both women and men have been experiencing. We bear the scars of a long history of patriarchal rule. We knew we were being called to Malta in 2020 to reclaim and restore our own soul fragments, and to gather together the women who felt called to reclaim and restore theirs. In our celebration of the feminine, we will activate the priestess within, enlivening our sacred work in the world.

We will invoke the Sisters of Electra to travel with us through time and space, offering up prayers and ceremony to set the feminine free. This Journey of Initiation is a sacred calling at a unique moment in time. It will be a co-creation by the women who are called to make this journey. The sacred islands of Malta and Gozo and her temples, are ready for us. Learn more at GoddessOnTheLoose

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