Warrior Goddess

photo by Marion Z. SkydancerA Warrior Goddess is a woman who challenges her emotionally wounded belief system that is based on projections, assumptions and false fears (fears of being judged, not good enough, and ungrounded fears), which create unnecessary suffering and unhappiness. It is an internal battle between heart and mind that takes patience, practice, persistence, courage and commitment in order to transform the war-torn emotional battlefield into a landscape that supports and integrates Heart-Mind. The challenge requires sobriety, awareness and clarity that personal freedom is attainable beyond the struggle.

Courage – To question and challenge one’s own beliefs, to continue on the path in spite of life’s challenges, disappointments and failures, to have the self-discipline to self-motivate, to not be controlled by the opinions of others.

Sobriety – Clear headed and discerning what is me and what is not me, not under the influence of the “other”, using common sense and practicing self-control.

Awareness – Perception without interpretation or opinion that allows discernment. Self-awareness is the clarity to know who and what you are. It is presence without projection or self-importance. Takes practice.

Personal Freedom – To love and serve who and what we are called to love and serve, to have the freedom to choose what we want to do when and with whom.

Photo ©2017 by Marion Z. Skydancer

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  • Cathrine
    Well articulated...Persistence, courage,and commitment -an on going journey.

    Well articulated...Persistence, courage,and commitment -an on going journey.

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